“When Horses Whisper you can listen! Read Rosalyn Berne.”–Rita Mae Brown, MFH, author of the Mrs. Murphy mystery series, and the Sneaky Pie Brown mystery series

“I started my practice as a veterinarian six years ago, and did not have any particular interest in horses. Working in a small rural town in Costa Rica, I have to deal with all animals that need my service, including cows, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, and of course, horses. I began to feel something special when I had a horse as a patient, a feeling of peace that I do not have with any other animal. And attracted by that feeling, I worked more and more frequently with horses. At that point, I did not realize what was going on. With Rosa’s book, I began to realize that I was not the only one who was giving a service. Horses also give a service to me. Her book helped me to understand how the horse-human relationship works. Besides, I learned many lessons about how we should treat horses as living beings that deserve respect. And if we could extrapolate these lessons to our daily life, we will grow as human beings in peace and harmony with every being that surrounds us.”     —Daniel Zeledon-Donzo, D.V.M.

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When the Horses Whisper is soon to be a feature documentary, directed by Emmy and DGA award-winning filmmaker Elena Mannes.

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